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5000 Birch Street . West Tower
Suite 3000 . PMB 3081
Newport Beach . CA 92660 . USA
tel: 1.888.436.9944
 CXA Markets is a trading advisory firm that provides trading strategies for growth and income. The firm understands market dynamics, the current investment environment, and shorter risk cycles.

We’re not glued to a monitor tracking profits & losses every minute of the trading day! CXA Markets delivers trade decisions in precise 24-hour periods, and then trades are evaluated 24 hours later. We only use market orders, placed pre-market for execution at the open. We never use limit, stop-loss or trailing stop orders. We never add to, or scale back, open trades. We dance to the market's music, missteps and all. It's that simple!

Carlos X. AlexandreCarlos X. Alexandre is a Stock Trading Tactician (far more impressive than being a mere trader) and has managed investments privately — stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies — for over two decades.

An investment industry outsider and politically independent, he developed proprietary trading algorithms to analyze trends in capital flows, the mood meter and voice of otherwise silent investors, and founded CXA Markets in 2010. The firm's trading advisory services were introduced in January of 2011.

Carlos developed TED Score™ , a quantitative process performance model with universal applications, and the framework for CXA Markets’ trading methodologies. More recently, and in line with unorthodox and disruptive thinking, he formulated the Generational Economic Cycle theory.

Before dedicating his full-time attention to the investment field — his passion — he owned a technology consultancy firm, advising clients on business-driven technology strategic planning, management, development, and operations.
Previously, he spent over two decades in the information technology, intellectual property, and legal fields working with Global 50 and Fortune 500 companies.

Education includes a MBA and a MS in Technology Management from the University of Maryland, although the return on investment is still elusive.

Market Is A JungleDespite the stress that investing and trading can bring to the table, he has never lost his sense of humor and takes the process in stride, as demonstrated by his coffee mug.  

The Lifelong Mission

First: To enjoy a happy and stress-free existence to the fullest extent possible.

Second: To question the status quo,
and to defy common wisdom
through disruptive thinking.

Third: To deliver positive and
substantial Return On Investment,
year in and year out,
regardless of market mood
and weather conditions.

On Suits, Ties, Shiny Shoes,
High Heels, Makeup and Pretty Faces

“Packaging builds Perceptions
that must be validated by Performance.”
– CXA –

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